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Siete stati cortesemente invitati alla veglia funebre del povero G.
Sono poche le persone presenti che conoscevano veramente il pover’uomo ma Padre Grillo invita comunque tutti loro a condividere qualche parola.
Attraverso i loro aneddoti si verrà catapultati nell’imma...

The script from the original play "Longing Pinocchio" written by Eric Paterniani is now being performed once again under the new name of "Wooden Heart" this summer in London.

Tolerance easily lacks for those who feel different from the "common" model, they have been mo...

La compagnia di Roma PalchINbanco ha un obiettivo per i suoi piccoli spettatori ben preciso: IMPARARE LA STORIA A TEATRO!
Viaggio Nel Passato è una serie di 3 spettacoli in cui i protagonisti Antonello e Martina viaggeranno con un libro magico nella Preistoria, in Egit...

L’associazione culturale “La Bella Marina” consegna la targa di personaggio dell’anno al giovane attore Eric Paterniani. La premiazione avverrà al bacino pescherecci domenica 6 gennaio.

Ogni anno l’associazione culturale, che vuole promuovere la storia e le bellez...

The play "Longing Pinocchio" was well received by all audiences including theatre critics from Stage Raw.

You can read the review down below:


Also, thanks to the great reception, the play has also been extend...

Eric Paterniani begins his training as a Motion Capture actor with The Mocap Vaults followed by Richard Dorton "The Mocap Man".

The gold standard in training for motion capture acting, directing and production. They have headquarters in London and Los Angeles, and all t...

Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group and Aliens With Extraordinary Abilities proudly present an authentic, all-Italian cast as they bring-to-life their outlandish and dark adaptation of the classic "Pinocchio" story. 

While mourning Geppetto The Woodcarver at his fun...

With this year being the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, it's been quite amazing to see so many iterations of the beloved novel come to life. With that said, we are excited to announce that Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group is presenting an all-n...

When providence and sorcery land a treacherous brother and a king on an enchanted island, the exiled Duke Prospero and his daughter Miranda get a second chance to reclaim their rightful status. See what happens when The Drilling Company presents Shakespeare's The Tempe...

It'll be the first production of this "problem play" in The Drilling Company's Shakespeare in the Parking Lot--or in any other parking lot for that matter.

Anwen Darcy as Helena. Photo by Jonathan Slaff.

July 6...

Fridays and Saturdays from May 19 to June 3
All Shows at 7pm

Produced by Drilling Company Shakespeare
Sponsored by TNT's Will

Shakespeare's first sitcom, featuring the classic misadventures of Falstaff and two neighborhood wives, set in an Upper West Side Co-op.


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